Learning To Walk By The Spirit

Bible Text: Romans 8:1-17 Passage: Romans 8:1-17

Who Are You Married Too

Bible Text: Romans 7:1-13 Passage: Romans 7:1-13

Living In The Light Of Hebrews

Bible Text: Hebrews 13:7-14 Passage: Hebrews 13:7-14

The Turning Point: But Now

Bible Text: Romans 3:21-31 Passage: Romans 3:21-31

Forgiven Much

Bible Text: Luke 7:36-50 Passage: Luke 7:36-50

The God Of Grace And Judgement

Preacher: Pastor Jim Evans Passage:

Walking In Holiness

Bible Text: Hebrews 10:1-18 Passage: Hebrews 10:1-18

Life Changing Grace

Bible Text: Acts 16:11-40 Passage: Acts 16:11-40

They Called Them Christians

Bible Text: Acts 11:19-30 Passage: Acts 11:19-30

The Emptiness Of God’s Promises On Easter Morning

Bible Text: John 19:38-20:18 Passage: John 19:38-20:18

Changing The Heart

Bible Text: Acts 10 Passage: Acts 10

The Righteousness Of God Changes Everything

Bible Text: Romans 1:8-17 Passage: Romans 1:8-17

The Gospel Of God: To The Nations

Bible Text: Romans 1:1-7 Passage: Romans 1:1-7