Pastor Jim Evans

A Nation Under God

Passage: Romans 13:1-7

Victory Over Temptation

Passage: Luke 4:1-13

Living And Loving Like Christ

Passage: Romans 12:9-21

Jesus Messiah

Bible Text: Luke 3:21-38 Passage: Luke 3:21-38

Commitments Of True Believers

Bible Text: Romans 12:3-8 Passage: Romans 12:3-8

True Believers

Bible Text: Luke 3:1-20 Passage: Luke 3:1-20

A Living Sacrifice

Bible Text: Romans 12:1-2 Passage: Romans 12:1-2

Finding Jesus

Bible Text: Luke 2:41-52 Passage: Luke 2:41-52

Lord, We Bow Before Your Glory

Bible Text: Romans 11:33-36 Passage: Romans 11:33-36

Finishing The Race

Bible Text: Luke 2:21-40 Passage: Luke 2:21-40

A God Of Promises

Bible Text: Romans 11:1-32 Passage: Romans 11:1-32

Man’s Responsibility In Salvation

Bible Text: Romans 10 Passage: Romans 10

Does God Answer To Anyone

Bible Text: Romans 9:14-33 Passage: Romans 9:14-33

Zacharias’ Song Of Salvation

Bible Text: Luke 1:67-80 Passage: Luke 1:67-80

A Soul Winners Heart

Bible Text: Romans 9:1-13 Passage: Romans 9:1-13

The Birth Of John The Baptist

Bible Text: Luke 1:57-66 Passage: Luke 1:57-66

More Than Conquerors

Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39 Passage: Romans 8:31-39

Let Us Magnify The Lord Together

Bible Text: Luke 1:39-56 Passage: Luke 1:39-56

The Glory To Come

Bible Text: Romans 8:28-30 Passage: Romans 8:28-30